When it comes to the comfort of your house, you should always go all in. Whenever your house is either way too cold or way too hot, changing the AC settings simply will not help. Thus, you have to find a new solution. 

Fortunately, we are here to help you. Here are several things that you should do if your house is too cold or too hot. Follow these tips and you can make your house more comfortable. 

Add Insulation to Your House 

Whatever hacks and tricks you will do will only help a little if you’ve got no insulation in your house. Purchasing insulation for your house is not a task that you do every single time. Thus, you have to ensure you pick the right material that will suit your needs. You can contact Waco foam insulation services for help. 

Ensure Your Ducts and Vents are Clean 

The comfort of your house can be influenced by the airflow. That is why you should check the efficiency of your heating/AC unit. You obviously are not getting excellent airflow from your system if your vents and ducts are not clean. Poor airflow will lead to a home that’s less comfortable.  

Maintain Your AC Unit Regularly 

Your AC unit cannot do its job if your AC unit is not operating efficiently, just like your furnace. Every 3 months, it is advised that you should replace the filter on your AC system. It will lead to a less comfortable house and poor airflow if you do not do this.  

Inspect your AC/Heating Unit for Imbalance 

To ensure your unit is not imbalanced, you should contact a professional HVAC repair technician. If you have an imbalanced unit, particular rooms in your house will be more uncomfortable compared to others. The size of your AC/Heating unit is another thing to think about. The unit cannot keep up if it is not big enough. Therefore, your house will be uncomfortable.  

Look For Other Air Leaks 

There might be several other areas around your house where outdoor air is getting inside your house. According to the US Department of Energy, they suggest that you air seal leaks from areas such as around outlets, ductwork, around plumbing, and where electrical wires come through the ceilings, floors, and walls. Also, the Department of Energy suggests that you keep the flue of your chimney closed tightly if you are not using it.  

Seal around Doors and Windows 

It can really help if you seal around the doors and windows. You can help make your house more comfortable if you seal any small air leakage. This is a fast fix that you can have as a DIY project. However, this varies on your knowledge and skills.  

Get new Windows 

In the energy and comfort aspects, leaky windows are not doing you any favors. To make your house more comfortable, it is best that you replace your existing windows with ones that are more energy-efficient. This type of window will not allow any air leakage.